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Create a new Individual Account on the council website (text)
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Important to know: The council website ( supports two types of accounts for event registration, 1) Unit Accounts and 2) Individual Accounts.
  • Unit Accounts are those used by Scouting packs, troops (etc) to make unit reservations for events such as summer camp, camporee, webelos woods, and other events where the unit is going as a group.
  • Individual Accounts are those used by individual persons to place reservations for themselves and their family for events such as family camp, University of Scouting, or other events which are not typically attended by units.

This article covers how to create an Individual Account.

To create an Individual Account, follow these steps:

1. Click the 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' link at the top of the council home page:


2. Select the event you are interested in from the drop-down menu OR select 'Create new Individual Account', then click 'CONTINUE'


3. Type your information in the boxes provided, then click 'Create Account'.
A password of at least four characters is required in the 'Password' field.

4. If successful, you will see a message indicating that you need to check your email for a verification link in order to activate your account.

5. Once you have clicked the verification link in your email, you can return to the website and login to your new account.

This concludes this article. If you have difficulty and need assistance, please open a ticket for assistance and/or to ask questions.

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